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Italian, Italy
Hello to everyone!
I have a silly doubt that is harrassing my mind: Which is the correct usage of the pronoun who? In particular, can it be used for referring to plural names or it requires single ones?
Thank you in advance, every correction is welcome!
  • dwipper

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    U.S. English
    Who can refer to either plural or singular nouns.

    "John, who has five dollars, . . ."

    "John and Jill, who have five dollars between them, . . ."


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    English (American)
    Not silly at all! Who can be either singular or plural:

    He is the one who gave me the present.
    They are the ones who gave me the present.

    See other examples here.


    Kelly B

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    USA English
    Who can refer to many people or to a single person (it is not a silly question.) For example:

    There are many people who would be happy to answer your question.:D
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