whole grain wheat, extract of barley malt


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Hi once again!

I am looking for a translation of

1. "whole grain wheat"


2. "extract of barley malt"

For 1. I have found 小麦粉 (全体小麦粉 )

Is this correct?

For 2. I have found


but I have no idea if this is correct.

Thanks in advance for any information on the matter!
  • wathavy

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    BTW, my background is Mechanical and Electrical, so I am not quite good at, but my wife is a teacher who taught me about these stuffs.
    She could talk about what these are. But I don't really think you need to know about it, since you are possibly writing somewhat like instruction about your product which you know quite well, I guess.

    My wife simply told me to eat more wheat bread made of whole grain wheat. Also rice which are not completely ground by machine.



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    Once again thanks very much for your valuable help. So it seems like "麦芽エキス" exists and means "extract of malt". The link sent by you was very useful. Maybe "麦芽エキス" sounds strange to you because it is very formal language. It will be put on a food lable so the language is sometimes a bit odd...

    Your wife is right- they say eating whole grain products is a lot more healthy.

    Thanks again and bye!
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