wholesale copycat

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    Sounds like you are describing some sort of rip off, but I cant be sure since I have never heard the phrase.


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    A wholesale copycat would be a knock-off of a designer label. The designer invests the time and money to develop a unique product, then someone steals the idea, gets some third-world country to produce the same product for about 20% of the price for the designer label.

    It is hard to catch the wholesale copycat--which can be used to describe either the wholesaler who copies the original, or the product itself. It is illegal, but elusive when your design is a facsimile of the real product. When you also copy the label of the original designer, then the act is undoubtedly a felony.


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    Mj is right...
    it is a knock-off of the origional...but sometimes it is no cheaper to purchase...you have to watch.

    If someone tries to sell you a suit that was designed by 'Bob Klien'..Calvins brother...I would think twice...


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    Thank you all!!!
    I saw this phrase in a newspaper note. I can't remember the whole phrase but I felt intrigued because it sounded funny.
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