Wholesome food= Healthy food?

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Hello amigos!

Ana prepared me a wholesome/healthy food.

Do these adjective mean the same in the sample? Is there any subtle difference between them?


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    Hi Sam:)

    I'd say that the meanings would be pretty similar in your example (note, though, that it should be some food rather than a food).

    In other contexts, though, the meanings would be decidedly different - cf "She is a wholesome girl" and "she is a healthy girl"...


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    Hello Sam. This probably isn't going to help. For me wholesome food is likely to be enjoyable; healthy food isn't necessarily enjoyable.

    EDIT: Have you noticed this thread, Rover?
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    To me, "wholesome" means "safe" (as in "it wouldn't make you sick"), while "healthy" means "good for you" (as in "it would make you healthier").

    "Healthful" sounds archaic.

    "Ana prepared me some wholesome/healthy food" is grammatical English but it isn't common English - it's not likely anyone would say it. "Ana prepared me a wholesome/healthy meal" or "Ana prepared me a wholesome/healthy breakfast" would be more likely.
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