Who's your daddy?

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Good morning everyone! :)

How do you say that expression in your language?

In English, Spanish(Venezuela) and Japanese that expression seems to be related to parents.


A soccer match, one of the team scored and then, one of the players mocking the others says ''Who's your daddy now ah?!

I would like to see the logic in other languages and also perhaps, another possibilities to mock someone or to show that you're the boss/da man/the best.

¡Gracias de antemano! Thank you in advance! よろしくお願いします :)
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    In French, that would be something like:
    "Alors, c'est qui le patron ?!" ("Who's the boss?")



    just like French, we could say: Patron kimmiş, gördün mü şimdi? (Have you seen now, who the boss is?)


    Bu âlemin kralı kimmiş, gördün mü şimdi? (Have you seen now, who the king of this world is?)


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    1. Sa Tagalog: There are two forms , formal(Pampitagan) and common(Karaniwan) . 1.) Formal; use "AMA", Sinong Ama mo? 2.)Common; use"Tatay", Sinong Tatay mo?

    De pa Dumaget; Father is "AMA". in dumaget grammar it is= Ino on Ama mo? correctly read as Inoonamamo! The language that keep on joining and contracting forming a solid grammar without space.
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