Whose car keys did she lose?

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  1. alexjandra05 New Member

    Hello! I have a doubt about this sentence:
    What is the correct sentence: 1. Whose car keys did Jane lose yesterday? or 2. Whose are car keys which Jane lost yerterday?
    I think the correct sentence is 2 but I don't know if in the fist ones to be verb is omitted.
    Could someone help me, please? :)
  2. Radrook Senior Member

    English American/Spanish Caribean
    The first one is fine.
    The second is grammatically flawed.
  3. alexjandra05 New Member

    Thanks Radrook but I need to know why the first one is correct. Don't you need to be verb??
  4. Agró

    Agró Senior Member

    Alta Navarra
    A la segunda lo único que le falta es el artículo "the":

    Whose are the car keys which Jane lost yerterday?

    La primera es correcta tal como está, pero su estructura difiere del uso en español moderno:

    ¿Jane perdió ayer las llaves del coche de quién?
    (donde tampoco hay ningún verbo "ser"; antiguamente se hubiera dicho ¿Cuyas llaves de coche perdió ayer Jane?)
  5. alexjandra05 New Member

    Muchas gracias Agró, ya lo he entendido!:)
  6. Radrook Senior Member

    English American/Spanish Caribean
    The first doesn't need a verb of existence in order to convey the full intended meaning. In fact, it does so far more elegantly and concisely than the second one does. Since you didn't mention any desire to have them translated into Spanish I didn't attempt it.
  7. L'Inconnu Senior Member

    I don't see any grammatical error. All I can say is that we don't express the idea this way in American English. We might say something like this:

    "To whom do the car keys that Jane lost yesterday belong?"
    "¿A quién pertenecen las llaves de coche que perdió ayer Jane?"

    This is a very lengthy sentence for us. We would only say it before a group of people, or as a public announcement, because it is more emphatic.

    This is the way we prefer to say it, except we put yesterday at the end of sentence.

    This doesn't seem to mean the same thing. You seem to be saying "The keys for whose car?" instead of "Whose car keys?" My point: I can have a set of keys to a car that I don't own.
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  8. alexjandra05 New Member

    :) Thank you very much for your help!! :thumbsup:

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