Why are English only forum questions in Russian-English dictionary?

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Good day, I was checking a word in Russian-English dictionary if there has not been threads and questions about the phrase I am about to ask and got surprised there were many exmaples, but then I realized they were almost all examples/therads from "English only forum". I think it is confusing. Why is it so? Thanks. E.
  • mkellogg

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    It is just an effort to give more information about the English term where there are not many English-Russian threads. We do that in all of our English-x dictionaries.


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    I think you have to use the "search" function (top right hand corner of the page) to find relevant threads, Encolpius.

    If I have understood you correctly, it comes to the same thing in the end:). I use it a lot in English Only as well, when a dictionary search turns up a heap of threads with the same title. If you enclose your search phrase in quotation marks, you will find instances of that exact phrase. It makes for a more focused search. You can also specify that you are searching for threads where your word or phrase appears in the title.
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