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Why did you make mistakes again?
1. cause of that I was too reckless
2. cause of that I should not be reckless

The two answers are both Okay?
  • DonnyB

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    Sorry: they're both wrong and (2) doesn't really make sense.:(

    I think what you're probably trying to say is:
    "Because I was [too] reckless".


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    1. cause of that I was too reckless. :cross:
    2. cause of that I should not be reckless. :cross:

    Because I was reckless. :tick:

    And note the capital letter at the beginning of the sentence and the full stop/period at the end.



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    Neither answer is correct.

    We usually answer a "why" question with "because + reason".

    Why are you eating pizza? Because I am hungry.

    Thomas Tompion

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    Because of that means for that reason - ie. it refers to something already said.

    If you are not referring to something previously said, it should be Because I was reckless or Because I should not be reckless.
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