Why British instead of Brittish?


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Is there any reason for British, Britain and Briton being written with one single t, instead of an expected double one?

Thanks in advance.
  • Why would two be expected? Because the vowel is /ɪ/ instead of /i/ or /ai/?
    The Old English name was Brittisc or Bryttisc, which in later spelling was Brittish**, misspelt British under the Latin influence of Britannia.

    The older name in the 'British' (Brittonic) Languages for their speakers was Brython < Brittones. The Bretons call their language Brezonek, and Cornish was once called Brethonec. All these imply an original *Brittonika.

    It is said that the -tt- spelling in Latin appeared around CE 49/50 - a full century after the oldest form in Latin with one -t- as Britann-

    ** British still rhymes with 'skittish' (two t's) rather than 'whitish' (one t).

    [See Morris-Jones, 1913: 4ff]
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