Why did Mr. Rochester enforce this [concealment]

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The quotation comes from Jane Eyre Chapter 20

Quotation: And why, now, was he so tame under the violence or treachery done him? Why did he so quietly submit to the concealment Mr. Rochester enforced? Why did Mr. Rochester enforce this concealment? His guest had been outraged, his own life on a former occasion had been hideously plotted against; and both attempts he smothered in secrecy and sank in oblivion!

Context: Mr. R didn't tell the truth to his guests. He just described the event where Mr. Mason was injured as a servant's nightmare. The plot against his own life might refer to the arson that had almost taken his life.
Hi everyone! I'm not sure about the meaning of the word "concealment". Does it mean "preventing others from knowing the outrage committed on Mr. Mason - the injured man"?
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    This is talking about concealing all of these events. Mr Rochester is apparently actively ensuring that these events are not discussed.
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