Why haven't you vs why didn't you


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Hello everybody

My brother's wedding party has just begun. I didn't have enough time to shave my beard off.
When I got to the party , my mother took me aside and said :
(Which one of these sentences is correct?)
Why haven't you shaved your beard off?
Why didn't you shave your beard off ?

Thank you in advance.
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    They are both correct and mean the same thing.

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    Thank you all.I think haven't you is closer to what I mean because the situation (not shaving the beard) is a continuous situation. I didn't shave my beard off after getting out of the bathroom and this situation continues even when I got to the party.
    Since I'm learning US English, I want to know US English speakers' opinion.
    Would you mind telling me your opinion , please?

    Thank you.


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    To me, they mean about the same thing, except that "didn't you" implies that the opportunity for shaving is now past, while "haven't you" implies, at least in theory, that he could still shave.


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    Would you please answer this question?

    I forgot to wear my watch. When I got to the party, my mother says:
    Why aren't you wearing your watch?
    Why haven't you worn your watch?
    Why didn't you wear your watch?

    Thank you. I really appreciate your help.
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