why is it "a mute try" instead of "a mute tries"?

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When I write “a mute tries bitter herbs”, Grammarly will correct it to“a mute try bitter herbs”, why? I don't understand. Thank you for answering.
  • Edinburgher

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    Grammarly is evidently misinterpreting what you want to say. You are using "mute" as a noun and "tries" as a verb. It thinks "mute" is an adjective, and interprets "tries" as a plural noun, correcting it to singular because of the article "a". It should really have additional objections if it's interpreting it that way, because there is then no verb.


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    Remember that grammar 'correction' software doesn't know English grammar. It's just guessing, based on how words are commonly used. It often gets it wrong.
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