Why is "rhyming with the adjoining word" unfortunate ?


Hi friends,

When writing a novel, I often can't think of the right word. I know there is a word, but I only have a misty image of it. With the help of a thesaurus, I may finally write the word down, only to discover that it unfortunately rhymes with the adjoining word of the sentence.

Why is "rhyming with the adjoining word" unfortunate? Rhyming is a common skill, so I have no idea why it is not welcomed here. Thank you.
  • The Newt

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    Rhyming is fine in song lyrics or certain kinds of poetry, but we might sometimes find it distracting in prose. We would really need to see your specific example to decide.


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    An accidental rhyme draws unwanted attention to itself, and in a serious text may seem silly or juvenile.
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