Why should it be 0.5 grams?

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    Technically it should be 0.5 of a gram. But we just use 'grams' for any number except 1, magnitude is irrelevent.


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    It is just like the thread on 0.5 hectares from a couple of years ago that you might be familiar with :D
    When units are used (feet, kg, hectares, grams) it always follows the same format

    (number) (units in the plural form).
    3 feet
    5 miles
    1.432 hectares
    0.3 grams
    0.35 hectares

    The only exception is when we use one (the integer) unit. 1 gram = One gram.

    But we say 1.0 grams, because by writing 1.0 (and not just 1) we actually mean anywhere between 0.95 and 1.04 grams.
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