Why would you like to work with a pediatrician?

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I am filling out a job application form for a new doctors (pediatrician) office that is opening up. The application is for all positions. You just write what position you're interested in. At the bottom it asks, "Why would you like to work with a pediatrician?"

I am really having trouble with the phrasing of this question. I am applying for office assistant which is basically like a receptionist. So technically, I wouldn't be working with a pediatrician. I would actually be working more with the patients than the doctor. It seems like a better question might be, "Why would you like to work for a pediatrician" or "Why would you like to work at a pediatrician's office". So because of their phrasing, I'm not really sure what in the heck they're asking. What do you all think they are asking? Should I actually take it literally? Or should I assume they actually want to know why I want to work at a pediatrician's office?
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    As you say, the application is for all positions, so they've created a question that will cover the widest range of jobs. Since there may be only one or two receptionists -- a small number compared to other positions -- the question may not be an exact fit. (Or maybe the person writing the question simply had someone else in mind.)

    In any case, just answer why you would like this position -- and if you want to say something about liking kids and caring about their welfare, it would probably be well-received.
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