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Hi, everyone:

Capt. Jeff Francis, the last of the six to be officially identified, was remembered by his military colleagues as a quiet leader with a wickedly dry sense of humour and a dogged determination to go after his goals.

Could you tell me the meaning of the red part, especially ‘wicked dry"?

I looked up them in the dictionary, and I found both of explanations for "wicked" and "dry" . But I still don't know what kind of humour it is. Could you give me an example?

Best wishes
  • amimegustabailar

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    dry humor is a humor that is kind of sarcastic. it's funny because of its pessimism or negative outlook. To have a wickedly dry sense of humor would be to have an overwhelmingly keen sense of dry humor. i hope that helps!


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    Uhh, I might be wrong about this one, but I think dry humour is that kind that, well, not everybody finds too funny. A bit sarcastic, let's say. The word wicked would simply emphasis this "dryness", it's not a standard construction.
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