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    Dear Forum,
    I came across an article where comparisons between search engines are made and there is a quite big part of it I failed to undertstand.

    "If you use any of Google's other products -- such as Google Reader or Google+ -- the search giant already has a wealth of information available to understand you and tailor its results to the listings that are most likely to be of value to you. While Bing offers similar products -- such as Bing Reader -- they aren't nearly as widely adopted as Google's offerings, meaning that Bing's internal integrations aren't likely to influence the company's SERP(search engine results page) results for many users.

    "In this case, because I'm subscribed to SEO and social monitoring service SEOMoz in my Google Reader account, I was more likely to see posts from SEOMoz contributing authors appear in my Google query results than in Bing's listings. To me, this adds value by increasing the likelihood that results will appear from authors I know and trust."

    Thank you in advance!
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    "Adopt" can mean "to catch on (as a social phenomenon)". It means that people don't use bing's products as much, and as such, bing is not able to offer search results personalized to the same degree as the search results google would give you. To elaborate, google will use information from other google services that you use to tailor your search results for your interests.
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    The writer is saying that Google products, such as the ones named, are more widely used ("adopt" = put into use) than comparable products from other companies (such as those related to Bing, a Microsoft search engine), and there is automatic storing of information about the user's interests. Thus, when the writer conducts certain searches, he can be more quickly directed to the search objects he's particularly interested in.

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