widely ranging vs. a wide range of


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Hi All!

Could you tell me the differences between
"widely ranging" and "a wide range of"
when I want to say the work include many tasks.
why "a widely ranging work such as a, b, c..." is unidiomatic?
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    Hello, Xin Xin. The only real difference I can think of is that people would use "widely-ranging" as an adjective. "A wide range of" is used as a phrase.

    This widely-ranging work doesn't offer us much detail about any one thing.
    This work covers a wide range of topics.

    I think "...a widely-ranging work such as a, b, and c" is not idiomatic because the phrase "such as" doesn't fit in the context. You could fix it by saying "This work addresses a wide range of topics such as a, b, and c."


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    If "work" means labour, then you could talk about "a wide-ranging position, with responsibility for many tasks". "A wide range of" has to be followed by the plural, which is not possible here.
    A common phrase is "a wide-ranging discussion". But "the discussion covered a wide range of topics".

    Note: wide-ranging is the normal and by far more common phrase.