widely varying backgrounds


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I finished an entire cup of Starbucks coffee, and still could not figure out the adjective that needs to go before "backgrounds" in sentence 2.

Background (google): the circumstances or situation prevailing at a particular time or underlying a particular event

Sentence 1. Every unemployed person faces unique challenges when seeking new employment.​

Sentence 2. Each person is different in the sense that they have widely varying [?] backgrounds.​
Sentence 3. An unemployed individual’s education, training, occupation, work experience, skill set, and ability to travel or move for work significantly affect their employment prospects.​

It won't be economic or educational. But something that explains all the bold factors in sentence 3 together.
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    Why not just "widely varying backgrounds"?
    Hi Loob, that is because it could then also imply things like "race, culture, gender, age, etc." But in a hypothetical fair society, these don't affect an unemployed worker's chances of re-employment. For the purposes of my topic, I can't really measure them or talk about them.


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    Professional has a more specific meaning. It tends to be used for people in “the professions”, such as medicine, law, architecture, education. An unemployed labourer would not be described as having a professional background.

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