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Term: wiki-edit (or as an open compound: wiki edit)

Your definition or explanation: (verb) to edit a page in a wiki; (noun) an instance of editing in a wiki page

Example: "I've only made a few wiki-edits over the years, but. …"

One or more places you have seen the term:
"Plan a wiki edit gathering" — Triangle Wiki
"Many ideas were suggested and designed by wiki editors" — The Universal Edit Button
"How to get email notice when wiki edited" — Moodle
"Notepad, WordPad, or another simple text editor will let you write text to paste into a wiki edit." — Memory Alpha

Have you looked for this term or meaning in dictionaries, and not found it? Yes


wiki is defined variously as:

a website or database developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content. — Concise Oxford English Dictionary

a website which allows users to add, delete, and edit the contents — Cambridge Dictionaries Online

a Web site that allows visitors to make changes, contributions, or corrections— Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

To have wiki-edit accepted as a new word, the standards of this community require that a convincing argument be made that it isn't just "wiki with edit stuck on," and that it is not yet found in most dictionaries. The latter is clearly true. In regard to the former:

There can be no doubt that wiki- could properly be labelled a "vigorous suffix," spawning new terms every day. The Urban Dictionary observes that wiki "could be said to be the most versatile word in the English language … owing precisely to its almost infinite range of nuance, expression, wordplay and compound possibilities." And indeed, the variety of compounds already widely found in use is quite extensive. But just as "wiki" itself became accepted as a word in publications respected for being very selective in that regard, "wiki-edit/wiki edit" should be set apart from other constructions containing "wiki."

Some compounds could certainly be rejected by the "just wiki with (something) stuck on" logic. Terms like Wikimedia, WikiAnswers, and Wiki Edit (the iPhone app) are really just commercial labels. Others, e.g., wiki toolbar, wiki window, and wiki buffer, can be viewed as internal to the "wiki environment." Another group, e.g., wiki author, wiki text, wiki page, wiki link, wiki compiler, wiki engine, wiki host, and wiki community, could be seen as occupying a middle ground. At the other extreme, where terms become accepted as words, you might place wikify/wikification.

The widespread acceptance of "wiki edit" has engendered
a variety of extended compound terms that provide what may be the most convincing evidence that it should be designated a word. These include, e.g., wiki edit conflict, wiki edit wars, wiki edit permissions, wiki edit privileges, and wiki edit gathering. It's found in blog headlines: John Quincy Adams Wiki edited after Bachmann gaffe and Wiki-Edited Story Results, and in workshop titles: Changing the World: One Wiki Edit at a Time,

There is an expanding number of wiki communities where adding, deleting, and editing of information goes on. People will soon be "wiki-editing" all over the place. This is arguably a fundamental and very important element of the Internet Revolution. Just as blogs have dramatically transformed the news industry, in ways both positive and negative, wiki communities are in the process of altering the way information is organized and communicated.

Well, I've goggled, I've posted, I can't tweet because I don't have an account, but What I Know Is … wiki-edit should and must be ushered across that blurry and contestable line to its rightful status as a new word. :cool: :thumbsup:
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