wild darts

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Hello, i'm wondering if there's a double entendre in this phrase or is it just a wild game of darts as in a crazy game or something? It comes from Lana del Rey's song "video games".
Thank you for your help.
  • fanyri

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    Ok Gardian, here are a few stanzas: Merci de me dire si il y a un sous entendu en anglais.

    Singing in the old bars
    Swinging with the old stars
    Living for the fame

    Kissing in the blue dark
    Playing pool and wild darts
    Video games

    He holds me in his big arms
    Drunk and I am seeing stars
    This is all I think of

    Watching all our friends fall
    In and out of Old Paul's
    This is my idea of fun
    Playing video games


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    Je crois que c'est que le jeu de darts.
    Souvent ce jeu est disponible dans les bars ainsi que le jeu de pool.


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    As an anglophone, I have no idea. I did a quick google search, and that yielded nothing. I think there is a different meaning, but I don't know what it is. However, I don't think it's a double entendre, because I can't even figure out what the first meaning would be. The phrase "wild darts" means nothing to me, other than a slight conjecture that it's probably a (dangerous?) party game.
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