Wild Strawberry


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I need to know the translation for this.

My first guess before I checked on the net was

fraise sauvage

which I think is correct.

It may be

fraisier sauvage

though i think that is more 'wild strawberry plant'.

I knew sauvage because I knew a wild animal was une bete sauvage, is 'sauvage' correct in this context, it appears to be from the dictionary part of the site.

Help much appreciated.
  • Ha_na

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    France/je suis française
    Normally, they are called fraises des bois (if you can find one in the woods these days!)
    No, they're not all called fraises des bois. We make the difference between fraises sauvages et fraises cultivées. In France these last ones are called according to their regional origin: for example "la gariguette" is the most flavourful, the best.
    Sometimes you can find wild strawberrries but now you can find a kind of fraises des bois in... gardens ;)