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Dear all
Please tell me what's your interpretation for "wild women" in the following context from "Three Soldiers" by Dos Passos.
Time: early 1919
Location: PARIS-
6 American soldiers are sitting round a table outside a café opposite the Gare de l'Est in Paris. It's the first time they visit Paris:
Please note "Wild Women" is also the name of John Ford's movie released in 1918.
"The first thing I want to see is the Eiffel Tower."
"First thing I'm going to do's go to the Folies Berdjairs; me for the w.w.'s."
"Better lay off the wild women, Bill," said Walters.
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    Whether or not the dancers are likely to take up with Bill, I think he is imagining that they will be open to his advances. "Wild women" are more likely to be women who are open to sexual enjoyment than women who offer sex professionally.


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    I certainly agree that it means women there at the Folies who can provide him with a 'good time'. It would never be shocking that a dancer can do as much.
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