Wildan1 hits 20,000!


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Hats off, chapeau ! How do you do it and maintain a full-time job? :)

I'm sure that you've racked up a lot of posts since becoming the Moderando ma non troppo, but many of these 20,000 posts are "earned". For back when you were just "one of us" I was always pleased to find your succinct, essential contributions to a given thread -- which happened very often indeed.

I do hope, Bill, that you will take your moniker seriously, and will not 'burn out' as has happened to other Mods in the past. WR needs you!

Looking forward to the next 20,000!

- Laura
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    Oh mais ça s'arrose !!

    Bravo, Wildan et merci pour toute ton aide dans les forums. J'adore lire tes posts. :)

    À bientôt,

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    Thank you Bill,
    I haven't checked if you're on the No but thank you list , it would be a pity.
    Well it seems you have fans all over the world and even two in my provincial town.
    doinel from Narbonne :)


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    Thank you, gracias, obrigado, merci my friends. Such a surprise to see this thread on Christmas Eve -- in fact, I had forgotten myself that I recently passed the 20K mark!

    WRF is still as fun and stimulating to me as it was the snowy day in 2007 when I looked for the meaning of an arcane term in French on Google. Guess where I found the answer? Of course you know, because maybe that's what happened to you, too! And the rest, for each of us faithful members, is a similar discovery of more than just word meanings.

    I recently had the honor of having dinner with WR's creator, Mike Kellogg, and while he thanked me for my service as a WR moderator, I returned the compliment to him for creating this great space for sharing and learning. I remain as much a faithful member as I do now as a mod.

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

    See you soon again on the Forums!

    wildan1 - Bill