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    Hi Group,

    What does the word "Wildcard" mean?
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    Hi Antonio
    wild·card or wild card
    1. Games. A playing card whose value can vary as determined by its holder.
    2. Sports. An athlete or team selected to compete in a tournament or playoff from among those who did not qualify by meeting the regular requirements.
    3. Computer Science. A symbol that stands for one or more unspecified characters, used especially in searching text and in selecting multiple files or directories.
    4. Slang. An unpredictable or unforeseeable factor: A surprise witness proved to be the wild card at the trial.

    from dictionary.com

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    In computer lingo it's a character that can represent something else. When you search for something online or inside files you add a "wildcard" to say "anything can go here".

    Example, in the search string: SEARCH FOR: W**D

    The "**" are wildcard characters. The search will return words like "wood", "wild", "word", "weld".

    In card games like poker, a wildcard is usually the joker. When you receive a wildcard it can be substituted for any other card.

    EXAMPLE: You are dealt 5, 6, 7, 8, and a joker. If "jokers are wild" you can substitute the joker for a "9" and have a straight. :D

    Of course if you're not familiar with poker this probably won't make any sense... :eek:

    Cheers! :)
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    Wow....I didn't realize that that word had so many meanings!

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