Wildfires Spike Wine with Smoky <Notes>

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Does "note" here mean "a new or unexpected element"?

I suspect that the notes here may mean flavors. Not sure about it.

Thanks in advance


Wildfires Spike Wine with Smoky Notes (1)

(1) Source Scientific American

a new or unexpected element in a situation (2)

(2) Source WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2018
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    Sometimes it's easier to copy than explain. :)

    From The Wine Spectator:
    “Notes” can refer to aromas, flavors or both aromas and flavors. “Note” to me indicates a more nuanced part of a wine’s profile—“a floral note” means that the floral component of the wine isn’t dominating the wine. Other words wine writers might use to indicate aromas and flavors include “hint,” “nuance,” “tone,” “undertone,” “touch” and “whiff.”

    I like the term “note” because it reminds me of music, and how there can be many different notes that come together into a pleasing chorus or chord. Likewise with wine, there can be many small things you pick up when tasting and smelling a wine, and hopefully they all work together in harmony.


    Thank you. :)

    Just now I edited my thread to add "notes - flavors" before reading your reply.

    Your answer confirms me, which add pleasing notes to this thread.
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