will be expired and will expire

Amir Nada

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Hi everyone,

could you please let me know which one from the following sentences is correct and why? if both are right which one is preferred
- when will your visa expire ?
- when will your visa be expired?

many thanks for you support
  • owlman5

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    I prefer the first version, Amir Nada: When will your visa expire?

    The second question has the same meaning, but it uses more words.


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    I don't think the second sentence is grammatically correct. Only transitive verbs can be used to form the passive voice. 'Expire' meaning 'to come to an end; terminate' is intransitive.

    I notice Google Books doesn't show a single hit for "visa be expired".


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    It's grammatical but unusual.
    Here is a visa. In 2 weeks it will expire. A visa that has expired is an expired visa. In 2 weeks it will be an expired visa.
    When will the visa be expired? In 2 weeks.


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    "Expired" here can only be taken as an adjective (see Estjarn's post above). An expired visa will remain expired until you renew it. The second question can be answered truthfully (but somewhat evasively ;)) with any time in that period. If your visa expires in 2 weeks and you have no plans to renew it, you can say truthfully say that it will be expired in 2016.


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    "Expired" here can only be taken as an adjective
    Yes, I hope my post wasn't misunderstood. "When will the visa be expired?" is equivalent in structure to "when will the visa be dirty?" rather than "when will the visa be issued?"
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