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hi guys, my first message here on this forum. Let me just throw you a curve ball right off the bat ; )

In line with "Did not!" "Did too" comebacks, would it be possible to play around with tenses and, say, come up with something like this:

- You will go there!
- Will not!
- Will too!
- Will not! etc.

- You won't go there!
- Will too!
- Will not! etc.

And how to go about it if I have "to be" variations:

- You were there yesterday.
- I wasn't!
- You were too! (sounds pretty odd. I'd hazard to guess it should be something as simple as "You were")

As far as other modal verbs:

- You can't go there!
- Can too!
- Cannot!

or am I missing something big time...?

Any help and clarifications would be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks in advance!
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    These variations are certainly possible. As this is a somewhat childish structure, I wouldn't expect you to have much need to use these phrases, however.
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