will only prod the beehive

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I came across this in an anime "Physchic Detecive Yakumo" , a case of a journalist who has murdered his family's members 15 years ago, and now a policeman want to "re-open" this case again. this is what his colleague told him:

Asking investigators of that case about the situation will only prod the beehive, so don't do it.
Is ts a metaphor or an idiom and is it common in spoken English?

It sounds like:to make things worse (than they already are), what's your say on this?

  • JamesM

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    For me, the common expression would be "stir up a hornet's nest". I don't know if "prod the beehive" is from another variant of English or if the author is playing on the original expression.

    I would interpret it the same way you did. It will make things worse by getting everyone all agitated about it again, just as bees get agitated if you poke (prod) the beehive with a stick.


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    In this case it certainly is used metaphorically. Yes, it means to make things worse. Here we say stir up the hornet's nest, but it all means the same, and you just may get stung by it.
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