will raise the bean a little


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Please be so kind to explain the meaning of "will raise a bean" in the following context:
... each stair that lies
Between ourselves and her, will raise the bean a little...

Thanks in advance.
  • ktm

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    Please give us more of the context.
    Here you are (I hope the moderator will forgive me for citing longer piece of poem - or something similar to poem):
    <.... Deleted to meet WR Rule on quoted text ...>
    Look HERE and scroll down a wee bit for the full text.

    In that quiet room; each stair that lies
    Between ourselves and her, will raise the bean a little,
    Will tidy the unhappiness from your courtyard,
    Will make you smile again.


    I can't fight the impulse to believe it to be a misprint - possibly for 'beam' -
    beam is associated with "light" and with "smile", and, in the sense of a huge piece of timber, a heavy and oppressive burden.

    Can you tell us the source of this?


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    Bean is a typo for heart - don't ask me how, just look at the link in ktm's post.

    The reference is to each stair between where you are and this other place, where you will find comfort and solace. As you come to this other place, your heart lightens in anticipation.

    As an afterthought, thanks to ktm for finding this and posting the question. I love the sentiment, especially the line with the typo:)


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    :D the link only appeared when some meddling moderator went in there to delete the greater-than-acceptable number of lines of quoted text and thought to post a link instead of the deleted text:cool:


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    Credit for the verse should be given to Alexander McCall Smith as my journal (which you are linking to) indicates it is from his book. His book, and my journal do not even have the word 'bean' in this verse so I don't know where bean came from.