Will travel vs. will be travelling

Muhammad Khatab

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In an hour's time, I ... home on the train.
a. will travel
b. will be travelling
This is an exam question, but I think it's a foolish one since both choices are correct. There is only a subtle difference: "Will travel" refers to the starting point which is "after an hour from now". "Will be travelling" suggests that the action will be in progress.
Am I right?!
  • I think your logic would work if the verb used referred to an action that can be completed quickly, for example "In an hour's time I will switch the heating on" but "travelling" takes place over a period of time so need the continuous form.
    Basically yes, you are right, although at an exam you will be expected to choose the clearer answer b.

    In addition, if a. was meant, the sentence would certainly be worded differently, e.g. I am taking the train home in an hour.

    Cross-posted with FF and I agree...
    What about this example:
    By this time next year we ... into our new house.
    will be moving
    will have moved
    I think "will have moved" is better, but "will be moving" works well too.
    What are your opinions?
    "By this time next year" suggests that whatever action is being spoken about will have been completed.
    I would only use "will be moving into..." if you are talking about a specific day e.g. On the 1st of July next year...
    Moving into a new house may be a lengthy process, for me. If it is late June now, this time next year will again be the second half of June, roughly. So, the sentence could actually be saying that by late June next year you will have started the process of moving into a new house. I don't know, but this makes sense to me if you anticipate that the whole move will drag on for months :)

    I mean this sentence:
    By this time next year we will be moving into our new house.