Will/would you marry me?


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Hello everybody

I'm so confused :confused::(
According to English grammar in use (published by Cambridge university press):
We also use will and would to ask people to do things. I want a girl to marry me. In most cases , I've seen that native speakers use Will.
Can we use Would as well?
For example:
Mary, would you marry me?

Thank you.
  • PaulQ

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    Mary, would you marry me? -> Perfect. (... but my name's not Mary... :D) This form is often used when there is additional information or a condition, e.g. Mary, would you marry me when you come back/your father gives you a lot of money/if I get the job?

    Hermione Golightly

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    'Would' is possible, although it has a troubling conditional aspect. I would be really put off by that 'would'. It shows a lack of confidence and a nit-picky paranoid woman like me, would ask 'Would I marry you if what?' ;)
    The traditional question is with 'will'.


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    I agree with Hermione. "Would you...?" is odd there.
    My answer would be: "I might - if you asked me." The magic words are "Will you marry me?"


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    "Will you marry me?" means "Are you willing to marry me?" (Do you consent to marry me?)
    Edit: this is also called a "marriage proposal", so there is also the idea of "suggesting" that she marry him. I wouldn't say that this "will you" has the kind of future meaning that it does in in: "Will you be going go to Scotland at Easter?"
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