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can anybody please tell me if it's better to use will or would?
For a possibility that can appear only in the future.

In this example:
Next year I could be willing to go in America, in case this country will/would offer a further step in my professional life.

Thanks in advance.
  • JamesM

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    It's difficult to answer your question because the sentence itself seems very contorted to me, hierophant.

    I would re-write it as:

    Next year I might be willing to go to America on the chance that it might further my career.


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    England English
    Or, depending on exactly what it is you're trying to say, "Next year I might be willing to goto America if they offer me a chance to further my career."


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    Canadian English
    The other posters' changed examples are just fine but if you wish to use "will" or "would", you might change it to read:

    I might be willing to go to America next year if it would further my professional life/career.

    Note that I've used "would". I'm always confused when this question is raised (and it comes up all of the time, Hierophant, so you're not alone:)) if only because of the introvertible meaning of "will" in this context. "Will" means that you have agreed to do something. That you are going to do something. That you have made the decision to do something.

    "Would" is not so final in this context (you will notice that it's used with "if). There is possibility with "would" and no flexibility in the word "will" ie:

    Wife to Husband: "Would you please go to the store and buy a carton of milk?" (she is asking if there is the possibility that her husband will do this for her).
    Husband: "I would but I'm watching the football game right now" (he is saying that it's a possibility that he might do it if the game weren't on)
    Wife: "You will go the store or else...!" (she is saying that it's no longer a mere possibility - that he will go if he knows what's good for him)
    Husband: "You're right, dear. It's almost half-time and I will go then" (he's saying that he will do it)
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