Will you be my Valentine?

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    "Sarai il mio valentino?" or
    "Vuoi essere il mio valentino?"

    I'm far from sure, wait for natives!


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    italian italy
    well, we don't really use that kind of sentence in Italian, we just say, without any reference to St.Valentine:
    Vuoi essere la mia ragazza?
    Vuoi essere il mio ragazzo?
    or better
    Vuoi uscire con me?
    Ti metti con me?

    But...I'm a bit too grown-up to know expressions young use today....

    About St.Valentine's day lovers normally give presents to each other on this occasion or go out for a romantic pizza, but that's all...
    Please teenagers ... help me!
    Anyway there was also a really famous Italian actor Rodolfo Valentino, who was a great latin-lover.... who knows? Valentine is a very romantic name, used for a man...


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    Well.. Because Here.. we kind of say "will you be my valentine" on Valentines day.. yeah.. but on normal days..then it's the other sentences you said..
    well... errr... Teens these days are mushy... haha!!
    Molto GRAZIE!!:D

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    italian italy
    Even if it's Valentine's day we don't use that expression. I don't think Italians wait for St. Valentine to ask a girl/boy to date!

    Grazie mille is better.

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    ok.. I think I know why my friend did not reply..He probably didn't know what I was talking about..:mad:

    So in Italy.. Valentine's day isn't that special at all? Or you guys just give each other roses.. Gosh..the culture is so different!I ment that in a good way..I hate the place where I live in..it's boring..and ancient..
    Thanks anyway!
    Grazie mille!


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    Sicilian with Italian-French mothertongue
    In Italy, Valentine's day is also known as the "florist and chocolate maker's day", because Italians took away the most "heartbeating" part of the thing, and kept the less romantic part.
    In fact, in Italy it's not an occasion to "declare your love", it's for people who are already together, therefore much less romantic, since, imho when two people are together every day should be Valentine's day.

    This means that usually couples go to a restaurant supposed to be romantic, but crowded with other "valentiners", and if the guy forgets to bring the regular flowers and chocolate box, it is a good reason for argument.

    When I was a teenager I watched those american series and I was tremendously envious because girls received valentine cards from guys they didn't expect to be interested in them, and wished the same could happen to me, but of course, in Italy this couldn't happen, and I found the man of my life by other means.
    (and we never "valentine" on valentine's day, because we have the rest of the year)