will you kiss me?

  • Derringer said:
    You might try, "Not on the lips. I have a cold and I'm contagious!" More seriously, as there is no good way to say this in English, if he tries to kiss you, simply offer him your cheek rather than your lips.

    Ooooooops, I missed your answer!

    Well...actually, I'd feel like kissing him rather than he would, I guess ! :eek::D But I'd like at least to steal him a kiss on the check... :D without him to find it abusive or embarrassing ("gonflé" dirions nous en français) cos he's a very sensitive man.
    So "Puis-je vous faire la bise" = "Can I give you a peck ?" or "a kiss"?

    PS : if anyone here can guess who I'm talking about, may he please shut up... :D:D:D:rolleyes:
    ganieda said:
    hey xav you sound very experienced ! ;) if i ever have love troubles I'll call upon you... haven't you been reflecting on this a bit too much:D
    Experienced, no. Reflecting too much, probably ! Wanting to help, et à votre disposition si besoin...
    Isotta said:
    This confirms my suspicion that the French have schools for this.

    Since you asked, though your English is exceptional, I made a few light revisions. The actual corrections are in red, and the stylistic/syntactical ones are in blue.


    Oh, wonderful ! Thank you so much, Isotta !!

    This is really (some ? a bit of ? a piece of ?) good work !!

    :) :)
    Apprenti cavalier said:
    :p ;) :p I'll keep my mouth closed (c'est comme ça qu'on dit ?)
    T'as intérêt ! :D

    Attention, sur ces forums les posts doivent obligatoirement avoir un lien avec le sujet ; le flood est totalement exclu... Je n'aurais déjà pas dû te répondre ici. Mais bon, maintenant tu es au courant... ;)
    Apprenti cavalier said:
    :p ;) :p I'll keep my mouth closed (c'est comme ça qu'on dit ?)

    'I'll keep my mouth shut' is the usual expression.

    'I'll keep my mouth closed' usually means you will literally keep your mouth closed (which might be relevant to this discussion of kissing! :D ) rather than the figurative meaning of not saying anything.
    Agnès E. said:
    Je n'entre dans les listes thématiques que ce que les membres ont la gentillesse de me signaler dans les fils thématiques concernés. Vous imaginez bien que je ne vais pas lire TOUS les fils du forum pour y dénicher des expressions. Il s'agit d'une initiative commune dont je ne fais que la mise en forme en mettant à jour les bases de données à partir des suggestions explicitement postées ! ;)
    (voui, Agnès, c'est pourquoi j'avais mis un renvoi dans le "fil" thématique en question...)
    (mais c'est désormais réglé):)
    Regarding the kiss on the lips being virtually no existent in France - well I live in France and my french friend Guy invites me out to dinner now and then. Last time he gave me a soft kiss on the lips when we said goodbye, just touching the inside of my lip - which send my stomach into somersaults. However I can't tell if he means anything by this and he is not a teenager - he is almost 40! I'm now confused!
    "La prochaine fois qu'on se rencarde, peux-tu s.t.p. me rouler une pelle géante?"

    Im québécois, and I can say its not a good idea, its French slang from France there, I doubt he would really understand it, we dont use "rencarde" at all, "rouler une pelle" a little, but without the use of "géant", using that would result in him being confused more than anything else.