Will you wake him if he hasn't stirred...?

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Will you wake him if he hasn't stirred by 10 o'clock? (present perfect) - first conditional? or indicative mood sentence?

If you have been working for more than ten hours when he returns, he will take your place. (present perfect progressive) - first conditional?

If it rains this afternoon, come round to my place! (imperative) -first conditional? or indicative mood sentence?

Q: Hi!

I checked my own question at the end of each above sentence like '-zero conditional?' ,based on below explanation about zero conditioal and first conditional.

I'm so confused. Please correct them.
Thanks in advance!

[basic explanation] :

** How to Use Zero Conditional Sentences

Zero conditional sentences express general truths—situations in which one thing always causes another. When you use a zero conditional, you’re talking about a general truth rather than a specific instance of something. Consider the following examples:

If you don’t brush your teeth, you get cavities.

When people smoke cigarettes, their health suffers.

* How to Use First Conditional Sentences

First conditional sentences are used to express situations in which the outcome is likely (but not guaranteed) to happen in the future. Look at the examples below:

If you rest, you will feel better.
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