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Hello everyone-
I often say that one has just lost or gained points in my book, when something has occurred that has caused me to change my opinion about someone.

For example:
Person 1: My favorite band is Coldplay.
Person 2: Oh my goodness! You love Coldplay too!? You just gained 50 points in my book! :D

Person 1: If you treat animals poorly, you automatically lose 100 points in my book.

This structure is a bit obscure in English, so it's probable that a direct translation doesn't exist...but I wonder if there is something more interesting than the run-of-the-mill textbook answers that one could use in this instance? I'm guessing, "Tu viens de gagner 50 points dans mon livre!" doesn't work in French ;)

Thanks for any suggestions you might have!
  • adamkendallz

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    Could "monter/baisser dans mon estime" fit?
    Hmm...Do you reckon one could use it in a playful manner? I wouldn't typically say that one has lost or gained points in a serious situation...

    For example, if I said...
    "Mais tu viens de baisser énormément dans mon estime mon pote!"
    Would that sound assez courant to a young French person....think university-aged?


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    Hmm... I think I would. I'd say "toi, tu viens de monter dans mon estime mon pote!" or "là tu viens de baisser dans mon estime mon pote!". It all depends on the intonation really.

    Otherwise... "Tu viens de gagner un point!" vs "tu ne gagnes pas de points avec ça" or "tu me déçois" Hmm...
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