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    Hi there,

    I'm working on a clinical protocol amendment, and in the summary of changes I found these two points:

    -Adjustment of the windows of the visit schedule (for example, changing +/- from 3 to 2).
    -Correction of inconsistencies between main SOE visit windows and PK Schedule visit windows.

    I'm totally lost with those "windows" there, I think, by the little context I have, they mean something like differences, or inconsistencies, I don't have much context here because in the original protocol it says nothing like that, anyway, here's my try:

    -Se ajustaron las ventanas del cronograma de visitas (por ejemplo se cambió +/- de 3 a 2).
    -Se corrigieron las incongruencias entre las ventanas de la visita principal de SOE y las ventanas de visitas del Cronograma de FC (farmacocinética).

    I'm kind of lost here, I feel like it makes no sense at all with that "ventanas" thing... PLEASE HELP!!!


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