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Hi everyone.
I've been trying to help a friend of mine in quebec over the telephone with a computer problem she's been having. I've been having trouble since I don't have a French version of windows so I'm not sure what certain screens are called and how to explain (she doesn't speak any English). Hopefully you all can help with the following windows terms.


Start (the start button) ---->
Control Panel ---->
Add/Remove Programs ---->
Remove (the remove button) ---->
Run (in the start menu) ---->
Documents and Settings (the folder) ---->

I think that's all I'll need. Basically I'm trying to expain how to remove a piece of software and then remove an associated folder from her local folder (C:/documents and settings/jsmith).

Any help you all could provide would be really appreciated, or does anyone know where i could find some French Windows screen shots?

Thanks again.
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    français international
    Start (the start button) ----> Démarrer
    Control Panel ----> Panneau de configuration
    Add/Remove Programs ----> Ajout/suppression de programmes
    Remove (the remove button) ----> Supprimer
    Run (in the start menu) ----> Exécuter
    Documents and Settings (the folder) ----> Documents and Settings (same as in English, like in C:\Documents and Settings\nomdutilisateur\Mes documents)
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