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Hi there,

I want to make a baby basket. I bought the basket and differents little and so tiny and so cute "baby" things. But I want to give the parents a present as well (after all, they are the ones that will support the child for the next 50 years, they should be rewarded for that).

I thought of buying a nice bottle of wine for the father (he is a British citizen) and write a little note on the present. Something funny and/or witty and that rhymes...
I thought of the following :

"Wine but Not Whine"
"No Whine but Wine"
""Wine will make you love the whine"
"A little wine after baby whines"
(a baby is supposed to whine, isn't he?)
I am French by the way (you could have guessed so with the "wine" thing)

Thank you for your answers !

  • Hi Sabinpaulin, welcome to the forum,

    Just off-hat, here are a couple of very subjective suggestions:
    White wine to wean off the whining.
    After-wipe wine
    Here's daddy's bottle, for use after baby's bottle. Sorry, no breast feeding.


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    thank you for the suggestions, I love the Here's daddy's bottle, for use after baby's bottle
    and just, I want to improve my english
    what were my suggestions like? How could I improve them? (or not)
    "Wine but Not Whine", perhaps you could try "Switch the whining for wine"
    "A little wine for after baby whines" - this one could work

    Babies cry rather than whine. Children and women whine (go on and on complaining about something). Dogs can also whine (cute high-pitched sort of squealing noise).
    Not sure about the other two. We don't use "whine" that way, they sound odd. I think I would refer to whining rather than whines.


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    I'd suggest "Daddy's gripe water". To gripe is a synonym of to whine (ie to moan) but gripe water is what is given to babies to aid their indigestion.
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