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polszczyzna warszawska
As GWB has said, rabbit pieces are not widely known in AE/U.S. I used to see rabbit in a local grocery store when I lived in a more populous state, but only a few times a year. It was always whole–skin and head and wings removed.
Are wings supposed to be understood as the forelimbs of a rabbit in this sentence please? If so is this usage of wings somehow linguistically marked?

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  • panjandrum

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    I assumed it was a joke :)
    We had been talking a lot about chickens up to that point in the thread.
    It would otherwise be bizarre to talk about rabbit wings - though you never know with cuchuflete ...


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    I was in Mexico on a climbing expedition and we stopped in a small town for dinner. I ordered "pollo", which is about all I can say in Spanish and I expected a chicken.

    When the "chicken" arrived it had 4 legs and no wings. It looked like a rabbit to me.

    I called the waiter over and said, "Not chicken, not pollo, no wings," pointing to the forelimbs.

    And the waiter said, "Si, wings. Si, wings."

    (It didn't taste like chicken though, even with the chocolate sauce on it it seemed like it was a rabbit.)
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