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  1. Could you all tell me what the main characters of Alan Milne's book are called in your languages? (Please do not suggest I read the book in all these languages instead:):)!)

    Baby Roo

    Thank you and feel welcome to add anyone I may have forgotten to mention.
  2. Frank06

    Frank06 Senior Member

    Nederlands / Dutch (Belgium)

    In Dutch:

    Winnie-the-Pooh: Winnie de Poeh
    Edward Bear (his real name ;-): Beer Edward
    Christopher Robin: Janneman Robinson
    Eeyore: Iejoor
    Piglet: Knorretje (after the sound Dutch pigs make: knor knor)
    Kanga: Kanga
    Baby Roo: Roe
    Rabbit: Konijn (the normal Dutch word for the animal)
    Owl: Uil (idem)
    Heffalump: Lollifant (lol=fun + olifant), Lollie de Lollifant
    Woozle: Woozle
    Tigger: Teigetje


  3. Outsider Senior Member

    Portuguese (Portugal)
    Winnie-the-Pooh is called Ursinho Puff or Ursinho Pooh in Portuguese. For the other characters, see this list.
  4. sayah Senior Member

    Lawrence, KS
    Spain. Spanish
  5. sokol

    sokol Senior Member

    Vienna, Austria; raised in Upper Austria
    Austrian (as opposed to Australian)
    Actually Wiki-German gives much but not all the characters, it seems.

    Winnie himself is called Pu der Bär or also short Pu-Bär (colloquial only, I think).
  6. Nanon

    Nanon Senior Member

    Entre Paris et Lisbonne
    français (France)
    SC, by now you probably have accessed the French Wikipedia for Winnie l'Ourson and the Russian version for Винни-Пух... but anyway, at least you won't have to read the books!
  7. Well, I think, almost everything that we have here on forums can be found in Wikipedia or elsewhere, on similar resources. I think, it will still be of use if we write the names of the characters here. There are not so many of them after all.
  8. Abendstern Member


    in Hungarian:
    Winnie-the-Pooh: Micimackó
    Christopher Robin: Róbert Gida
    Eeyore: Füles
    Piglet: Malacka
    Kanga: Kanga
    Baby Roo: Zsebibaba
    Rabbit: Nyuszi
    Owl: Bagoly
    Tigger: Tigris
    heffalumps and woozles are the Apacuka szörnyek, or Muclik és Vuclik (both versions are in cartoons), and in the late movie Heffalump is called Zelefánt
  9. Nizo Senior Member

    The book Winnie The Pooh was translated into Esperanto by Ivy Kellerman Reed (1877-1968). It was first published in 1972 as Winnie-la-Pu. A second edition was published in 1992.

    Christopher Robin = Kristoforo Robin
    Winnie-the-Pooh = Winnie-la-Pu,Edvardo Urso,Urso Pu
    Piglet = Porketo
    Eeyore = Ia
    Tigger = Tiggro
    Kanga = Kanga
    Roo = (Bebo) Ruo
    Rabbit = Kuniklo
    Owl = Strigo
    Heffalump = Hefelanto
    Jagular = Jagularo
    Woozle = Vuzlo
    Wizzle = Vizlo

    The Hundred Acre Wood is called la Cent Akrea Arbaro.
  10. DrWatson

    DrWatson Senior Member


    Winnie-the-Pooh: Nalle Puh
    Eeyore: Ihaa
    Piglet: Nasu
    Kanga: Kengu
    Baby Roo: Ruu
    Rabbit: Kani
    Owl: Pöllö
    Heffalump: Möhköfantti
    Tigger: Tiikeri
    Christopher Robin: Risto Reipas
    Gopher: Myyrä
  11. mallujulia Senior Member

    Spain Spanish
    I agree with the Sayah but in Spain most children call Piglet Piglet rather than puerquito.
  12. dudasd

    dudasd Senior Member

    In wonderful and everlasting translation of Luka Semenović:

    Winnie-the-Pooh: Vini Pu
    Edward Bear: Eduard medved (usual pronunciation is "Edvard", but the translator probably chose "Eduard" as "finer")
    Christopher Robin: Kristofer Robin
    Eeyore: Iar (onomatopoeia of donkey's voice)
    Piglet: Praslin (after the word for little pig: prase)
    Kanga: Kengu
    Baby Roo: Ru (or mala Ru)
    Rabbit: Zekhop (made from "zeka" - bunny, and "hop" - word you say when you jump)
    Owl: Sova (regular word for the bird)
    Heffalump: Slongeg (from "slon" - elephant, and "geg-" - which can be root of verb "to waddle" or the noun meaning "comical play, joke")
    Woozle: Vudra (instead of "vidra")
    Tigger: Tigr (instead of "tigar")
  13. Zsanna

    Zsanna ModErrata

    Hungarian - Hungary
    There is also Small - Kis in Hungarian.
  14. Omeriko New Member

    Israel - Hebrew
    Hebrew, with IPA transcription:

    Winnie-the-Pooh: פו הדב [pu ha'dov]
    Eeyore: איה ['ija]
    Piglet: חזרזיר [χazaʁ'ziʁ]
    Kanga: קנגה ['kenga]
    Baby Roo: רו ['ʁu]
    Rabbit: שפן [ʃa'fan]
    Owl: ינשוף [jan'ʃuf]
    Heffalump: פילנפיל ['pilnefil] or [pilne'fil], can't seem to remember the exact pronunciation
    Tigger: טיגר ['tigeʁ]
  15. avok

    avok Banned

    In Turkey, "Winnie the Pooh " is "Winnie the Pooh" !

    In Turkey, we usually do not change the names of the characters, they remain the same as in their original languages. Only names like "Rabbit" and "Owl" may be translated since these names already exist in Turkish. Then it would be Rabbit: Tavşan Owl: Baykuş
  16. OneStroke Senior Member

    Hong Kong, China
    Chinese - Cantonese (HK)
    In Chinese: (English - TC - [SC if different] - Pinyin - Remarks)
    Winnie the Pooh - 小熊維尼 - Xiǎoxióng Wéiní - lit. Little Bear Winnie
    Eeyore - 屹耳/(HK)依唷 - Yì'ěr/Yīyō
    Piglet - 小豬 - Xiǎo Zhū - lit. Piglet
    Kanga - 袋鼠媽媽 -
    袋鼠妈妈 - Dàishǔ Māma - lit. Mama Kangaroo
    Roo - 小荳 - Xiǎo Dòu - lit. 'Little Bean'
    Rabbit - 瑞比 - Ruìbǐ - Same translation in Hong Kong even though it makes no sense in Cantonese
    Owl - 貓頭鷹 - 猫头鹰 - Māotóuyīng - lit. Owl
    Heffalump - 長鼻怪 - 长鼻怪 - Chángbíguài - Made-up Word meaning 'long-nosed monster'
    Tigger - 跳跳虎 - Tiàotiàohǔ - lit. Bounce Bounce Tiger
    Robin - 羅賓 -
    罗宾 - Luóbīn
    Gopher - 谷佛
  17. ilocas2 Senior Member

    From Czech Wikipedia

    Winnie the Pooh - Medvídek Pú (little bear Pú)
    Christopher Robin - Kryštůfek Robin (little Christoph Robin)
    Eeyore - Ijáček (from sound which donkeys make - ijá)
    Piglet - Prasátko (little pig)
    Kanga - Klokanice (female of kangaroo)
    Baby Roo - Klokánek (little kangaroo)
    Rabbit - Králíček (little rabbit)
    Owl - Sova (owl)
    Heffalump - Slonisko (slon - elephant, isko - augmentative suffix)
    Woozle - Kolčavice (lasice kolčava - least weasel)
    Tigger - Tygr (tiger)
  18. xmarabout

    xmarabout Senior Member

    French - Belgium
    In French:
    Winnie-the-Pooh => Winnie l'ourson
    Eeyore => Bourriquet
    Piglet => Porcinet
    Kanga ==> Grand Gourou
    Baby Roo ==> Petit Gourou
    Rabbit ==> Coco Lapin
    Owl ==> Maître Hibou
    Heffalump ==> Lumpy
    Tigger ==> Tigrou
    Christopher ==> Jean-Christophe
  19. rusita preciosa

    rusita preciosa Modus forendi

    USA (Φιλαδέλφεια)
    Russian (Moscow)

    Winnie the Pooh - Винни-Пух /vinni pooh; “h” as in “house”/
    Piglet- Пятачок /piatachok/ - pig snout
    Christopher Robin
    - Кристофер Робин (same as in Eng.)
    Eeyore - Иа-Иа /eeah eeah/
    Kanga- Кенга /kenga/
    Little Roo - Крошка Ру /kroshkaroo/ (sameasinEng.)
    Owl- Сова /sova/ (fem. in Russian)
    Rabbit Кролик /krolik/ (same as in Eng.)
    Tigger - Тигра /tigra/
    Woozle - Бука /bookah/ - inRussianitissomeonewhoisnotoutgoing, aloner
    Heffalump - Слонопотам /slonopotam/ - a mix of “slon” (elephant) and “gipopotam” (hippopotamus)
  20. e2-e4 X Senior Member

    Yes, those are from Zakhoder's translation (Борис Заходер). "Пух" means ~ "fluff", here the word makes think of bear fur and of something soft.
    I think, it rather refers to an imaginary animal that parents might talk of when they want to frighten their little children: «веди себя прилично, не то придёт бука!" — "behave decently, or a bookah will come!".
  21. Encolpius

    Encolpius Senior Member

    Praha (Prague)
    magyar (Hungarian)
    Too bad, we don't have more translations here. Slavic langauges, Romance langauges....Members from Hellas are on the beach...
  22. Grefsen

    Grefsen Senior Member

    Southern California
    English - United States
    In Norwegian:

    Winnie-the-Pooh - Ole Brum
    Christopher Robin - Kristoffer Robin
    Eeyore - Tussi
    Piglet - Nasse Nøff
    Kanga - Kengu
    Baby Roo - lille Ru or Kengubarnet
    Rabbit - Petter Sprett
    Owl - Ugla
    Heffalump - Heffalomp
    Tigger - Tigergutt

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