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If I want to say, I had made a wish that I passed the exam, I would go to church twice a day on sunday.

After declaring result, I knew that I am passed, and it is time to perform the wish,

I am going to church to make a wish.

I am going to church to finish my wish.

To perform a wish, Which is the better one out of them in grammer terms ?
  • Nunty

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    I don't think wish is the word you want, but vow.

    I made a vow that if I passed the exam I would go to church twice every Sunday. I did pass, so now it is time for me to fulfill my vow.


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    I'm not sure it's "wish" you want to use there, jalaluddin.

    It sounds a little irreverent to me to say "make a deal" so I'd go with "made a promise/vow that, if I passed..."

    I'm going to church to... fulfill my vow?

    EDIT: Nunty got there first :D
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