"wishing hole" and "Gilligan's eyes"

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Paul W.

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Hello there,
Could you please explain to me the meaning of the bold phrases:

"Sitting in a wishing hole, hoping it stays right.
Feet cast in solid stone, I got Gilligan's eyes".

It comes from a song "Many of horror" by Biffy Clyro.
I can't get what those phrases exactly mean. Actually I was trying to find any translation, but without any success.
  • dn88

    Senior Member
    A quick google search reveals that it probably is a reference to the show "Gilligan's Island"

    One of the brief descriptions of the episodes found here reads as follows:
    Gilligan finds a lucky stone, "The Eye of the Idol", that entitles him to three wishes before the end of the day.
    Maybe that's the meaning behind those lines... I guess you might be better off asking this question in English Only, but don't get your hopes up for a conclusive answer if you do so as song lyrics can be interpreted in a variety of ways! :D


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    Gilligan refers to character from Gilligan's Island, an old American TV programme.

    Gilligan is a naive and innocent character, which I think song refers to having 'naive' or 'innocent' eyes always seeing the best of the situation or person.
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