1. hbd78 Senior Member

    Does someone know the meaning of "wit woo"
    here's the context, two people are stuck

    Man : i'll just phone my dad to bring the bolt cutters then ..
    Girl : wit woo

    does it mean :
    mon oeil !
    a d'autres !
    on me l'a fait pas !

    or there is another meaning
  2. SwissPete

    SwissPete Senior Member

    94044 USA
    Français (CH), AE (California)
    This is as close to an answer as I could get...
  3. vamink Senior Member

    "wit woo" aren't real words, so presumably there meant as a sound the whistling sound. Being a sound, the context matters a great deal.

    -Whether it's an meant to be a sarcastic, impressed, astonished etc.
    -Whether it's commenting on sexual attractiveness, something impressive, a blunder etc.

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