1. fede135 Senior Member

    Argentina/Spain Spanish
    I am reading "Morte Darthur" and lots of time they characters say: "wit you well". I cheched dictionaries and other pages but I can not get the meaning.

    is it something like: as you know?

    Thank you for your help!

  2. Idiomático Senior Member

    Virginia, USA
    Latin American Spanish
    Wit you well means know you well in old English
  3. cubaMania Senior Member

    wit verbo arcaico = to know
    En este caso el imperativo:
    sepa(n) bien
    dése (dense) cuente (de algo)
  4. maidinbedlam

    maidinbedlam Moderanged

    Vigo, Galicia
    Spanish - Spain
    Wit you well, my Lord...
    Sabed mi Señor que...
  5. ORL Senior Member

    En ese caso sería "entérese/entérense".

    Sabed mi Señor o en casos más actuales: "sepa Ud que..." "Sepan que..."
  6. fede135 Senior Member

    Argentina/Spain Spanish
    Muchas gracias a todos! Han sido de gran ayuda!

    Un saludo cordial!


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