With a bit of an edge


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Hello. I encountered this phrase on a website on astrology. The author was describing some sort of astrological combination that would create a woman who was "feisty, or with a bit of an edge".

My questions:

1. What is the non-slangy equivalent of this phrase "with a bit of an edge"?
2. Is this phrase only used to describe women?

  • panzerfaust0

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    Thanks for your reply. As for your 3rd point, I just have this to say: I actually don't really believe in astrology. I like to read about it, though. And it's because astrological texts usually have a lot of adjectives and clever ways of describing people and human relations. I cannot count how many new words I've picked up from all the books on astrology that I have lying around. To me it just seems like a really fun way of learning English.

    But your suggestion is noted. Thank you.
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