with great gusto and despatch

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    It seems as if a great deal were attainable in a world where there are so many marriages and decisive battles, and where awe all, at certain hours of the day, and with great gusto and despatch, stow a portion of victuals finally and irretrevably into the bag which contains us. And it would seem also, o a hasty view,that the attainment of as much as possible was the one goal of man's contentious life. (from EL Dorado by Robert.L Stevenson)

    Hi, everyone!

    I have no idea about the sentence of and with great gusto and despatch. I have checked despatch, it means delivery, but it seems unsuiable in this sentence. I can't figure out the meaning.

    Please help me!!
  2. Kirill V.

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    I think it should be dispatch. With dispatch means in a rapid manner. I leave it to the native speakers to comment on the rest :)
  3. velisarius Senior Member

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    Firstly, there is a typo in your sentence: "awe all" should be "we all". "Victuals" means food and the last part of the sentence is an elaborate way of saying that we eat regularly several times a day. With this knowledge you should be able to find suitable meanings for "gusto" and "despatch" in the dictionary. :)
  4. flyingcat2008 Senior Member

    It means we throw the rubbish carelessly and repidly into the bag?

    I just guess
  5. flyingcat2008 Senior Member

    Help, friends~~~
  6. velisarius Senior Member

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    Nobody is asking you to guess. "The bag which contains us" is a metaphorical bag; it means our skin or our body. There isn't any rubbish to be thrown away. He is describing the act of eating, filling the body with "victuals". "With gusto" doesn't mean "carelessly". Please look in the dictionary again.
  7. flyingcat2008 Senior Member

    Oh, I see!!

    I have been confused by the word "bag". God~~~

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