With it being panned

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Sharma's brand of humour has also come under criticism in the past, with it being panned as lowbrow and misogynistic by some -- he constantly made fun of members of the audience, his on-screen wife Sumona Chakravarti's bee-stung lips and her on-screen father.
Is Kapil Sharma having trouble handling success?
With -preposition
It- pronoun- refering to his "brand of humor"
Being panned- passive "being"
It seems that whole prepositional phrase functioning adverbially answer the question "why"?

Why can't we say "is panned" instead of "being panned"?
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    Firstly this is in the past so we can't use "is". You could split the sentence with a colon or a dash :
    ...in the past : it was panned...

    But the original sentence uses "with", which requires a present participle.
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