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hi everyone,

What does the phrase 'with my luck' mean? I can find it in many places, but I cannot still be sure about the exact meaning of it.

Such as:
"I finally asked someone what my Chinese name would be, if I could choose it. To my surprise, I discovered I already have one. It's even written on my Foreign Experts Certificate, in Chinese characters, "An Dong Ni." That is apparently the closest anyone could get to saying my given name in Mandarin. I still don't know how to say it myself, nor which tones you're supposed to use. With my luck in China, it can probably be misinterpreted to mean "dung of a perverted sheep-owning peasant." When I hear racucous laughter the next time I introduce myself, then I'll know. " -- quoted from a blog (http://blog.cctv.com/html/70/1135270-903870.html)

Thanks in advance & my best regards:)
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    Hi colin.Fu

    I think it means that its your luck (or may be bad luck) that the name can be misinterpreted to mean "dung of a perverted sheep-owning peasant" in China.

    Lets wait for the natives to reply...

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    "With my luck in China" implies that you have tended to have bad luck in China and you believe there is a good chance that this trend will continue. You would not be surprised if your Chinese name turned out to mean something embarrassing.


    'with my luck' is a somewhat sarcastic remark, it means that the luck of the speaker is not very high, in a manner of speaking.
    Here is how I would rephrase it to mean the same thing, without using the phrase 'with my luck'
    Since I am generally unlucky, it can probably be misinterpreted to mean...

    But I would never say that in real life. It makes sense, but it sounds quite strange. 'With my luck' is a very idiomatic expression that sounds very normal and I would use it.

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